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  • I just edited wp-comments.php to change ‘(more…)’ to ‘(full article…)’ which tells me this should be stuck in the easily-accessible options somewhere 🙂

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  • Just curious – why are people more scared of modifying index.php than they are of hacking the functions? Why would you need an option in the backend for something that can easily be changed in the function call?

    I guess he was just unaware of the option, and probably of the “Docs” pages as well

    kickslop –
    I guess the problem is that wp-comments.php doesn’t have (more…) in any version I know of.
    Older versions it was in the_content or get_the_content functions inside of template-functions.php (or the newer template-functions-post.php).
    In all cases, it already was/is a parameter of the_content ‘tag’. You can pass whatever param you want from index.php already.
    Not sure what it is that you changed… 😉

    nothing “unwelcoming” in my comment

    Understood — some of that text could be loaded up into a db table in theory. Then pulled into some massive table in memory each pageload. That’s somewhat inefficient, and also doesn’t allow for any customizability of those tags on the fly. But certainly a worthy point to make.

    Rather than have it “configurable” in the admin, perhapse it should be part of a define in a language file. I’ve worked with other system that work this way. If you want to change it, simply modify the lang file and you are good to go. My reasoning for this was that there are more things than the more… link that I think could be configurable. Like the “Comments” links….

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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