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  1. ahardrain
    Posted 6 years ago #

    First I have to say I love the theme, great great job and kudos to everyone involved.

    I ran a debug query because my load time was slowing down and before I uninstalled any plugins I first thought to check with everyone here for their input.

    I am getting this output after the debugger query did it's thing and this is what is coming up: ยป Different values in num_query and query? - please set the constant define('SAVEQUERIES', true);in your wp-config.php

    I am hoping someone can give me feedback as to what steps I take next in order to fix or by pass this problem. I have no idea how to edit the php unless I do it in Dreamweaver and ftp it back into my script.

    My site is http://man-over-board.com

    I appreciate the help

  2. kmessinger
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Your config.php is what connects to your db. It is working. Your debugger may be referring to the db with queries but don't mess with the config.php file.

    And yes, you can edit it Dreamweaver and ftp back. You can set your blog up as a site in DW and have all the files local in case something goes wrong on the live site.

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