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    A few weeks ago an update caused me to lose all my conditions and Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 stopped working.
    I was able to load a backup and restore the conditions which got it working then, but it seems another update has caused the same issue (conditions not working), but they are still there this time.
    I plan to swap in an older version later, WordPress and all my plugins are up to date.
    I use only Flamingo and ‘Contact Form 7 – Dynamic Text Extension’ with Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7, disabling them did not resolve the issue.
    Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7 @ 2.1.6
    Contact Form 7 @

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    Oh, the site itself has public pages, the form and such is in a private area that is unrelated content wise, but to run this stuff you can go to:

    does return
    ƒ getOwnPropertyDescriptor() { [native code] }

    ƒ (){return(arguments[0]!==null&&this.initialize&&$type(this.initialize)==’function’)?this.initialize.apply(this,arguments):this}

    returns this, which drills down
    {initialize: ƒ, set: ƒ, inject: ƒ, injectBefore: ƒ, injectAfter: ƒ, …}

    returns this, which also drills down
    (68) ['initialize', 'set', 'inject', 'injectBefore', 'injectAfter', 'injectInside', 'injectTop', 'adopt', 'remove', 'clone', 'replaceWith', 'appendText', 'hasClass', 'addClass', 'removeClass', 'toggleClass', 'setStyle', 'setStyles', 'setOpacity', 'getStyle', 'getStyles', 'walk', 'getPrevious', 'getNext', 'getFirst', 'getLast', 'getParent', 'getChildren', 'hasChild', 'getProperty', 'removeProperty', 'getProperties', 'setProperty', 'setProperties', 'setHTML', 'setText', 'getText', 'getTag', 'empty', 'addListener', 'removeListener', 'addEvent', 'removeEvent', 'addEvents', 'removeEvents', 'fireEvent', 'cloneEvents', 'getElementById', 'getElementsByClassName', 'getElements', 'getElement', 'getElementsBySelector', 'getValue', 'getFormElements', 'toQueryString', 'scrollTo', 'getSize', 'getPosition', 'getTop', 'getLeft', 'getCoordinates', 'effect', 'effects', 'makeResizable', 'makeDraggable', 'send', 'matches', 'closest']
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    Object.getOwnPropertyNames(Element.prototype) should return 131 elements. So I guess the children property (and some others) are unset with something like this: delete Element.prototype.children

    I digged trough your code, and removing this script seems to solve the issue:

    The file seems to be completely obfuscated with an eval function… (the use of eval in a plugin should trigger some alarms)

    Looking into this plugin it seems to be removed due to guidelines violations: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-multibox/

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this plugin is doing quite some questionable things behind the scene, so I would recommend you to uninstall it if you don’t absolutely need it.

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    Nice, so it was another plugin all along, just like you said.
    Sorry I seemed reluctant about that, I am not surprised that is the case, but have also spent countless hours turning plugins on and off with no results in the past.

    I appreciate you taking the time to work this out, I disabled the plugin, I don’t think I am using it with my current configuration on this site – it was supposed to be the logic for an animated shadowbox thing (which it is, I mean the shadowbox does work even if it comes with accidental or intentional ‘extra features’). I see that on another site where I am still using that to pop up maps and stuff, it has created the same ‘undefined’ situation, so I am going to need to find a work-around for that this weekend I suspect.

    Thanks Again

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    Glad we got this sorted. These kinds of problems are tough to figure out sometimes. It’s the flip side of having such a large eco-system of plugins I guess. It’s hard to keep everything working together smoothly. Just a quick tip for the future: try to get rid of any plugins that aren’t actively maintained anymore. They WILL cause you headaches in the future. 😉

    ps: if you have the time feel free to leave a quick review

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    As an update to this, mootools is a legit thing, so maybe the plugin author in question did do something funny, but I have no specific reason to believe that is the case either. I run several layers of firewalls including one specifically designed for wordpress. I understand even that is often just giving false confidence because generally, if you have something someone really wants to hack, they may eventually get through.

    Anyway, to the point. I went and picked up a newer version of mootools core from their repository and swapped it in to the plugin folder, which corrected the js problems.

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