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    I had hoped that the latest release ( would fix the issue I’ve been having, but unfortunately it hasn’t:
    I have a form with 2 pages. The first page has 3 columns: column 1 = product descriptions (HTML field per product), column 2 = product quantities (a number field per product), column 3 = summary (HTML field with magic tag to show selected quantity per product + calculation field for ‘total cost’).
    I have a condition per “summary item” to show the field if the quantity is 1 or more (if [field] is 1 or if [field] is greater than 1).

    The summary fields only show after either typing in a quantity twice, tabbing away and back, or after increasing and decreasing the value using the HTML5 up/down arrows in the number field two to three times. The calculation field does update immediately.

    How can this be fixed?

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  • I’m having problems with calculations dynamically updating as well.

    I am also having problems with calculations and conditions.

    If the required details are correctly entered into six fields, then a conditional field then shows the cost of the option chosen in one of the six fields (the value of the option). If one, or more, of the six fields are not entered correctly, the calculated field is not displayed at all. Fairly simple.

    This worked until the recent past.

    Now it will not show the calculated field at all and I cannot change this no matter what I try. The error must be that the error checking (condition) to see if the required information has been inputted into the six fields is not actually being performed, because it does not matter if I meet or don’t meet the conditions imposed, no further firelds are displayed.

    I’ve also noticed that an extra field is available in the field calculation option; “Calculation value” – so now we have “Label” (obvious), “Value” (also obvious, the value to return in the calculation) and now “Calculation value” – not quite as obvious but I’m assuming can simply have the same value as the “Value” field and it should work. But no matter what I change, I cannot get the calculated field to display when the necessary conditions are met.

    Has this error/change been recently introduced in the last 1 or 2 updates to CF?

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    “Has this error/change been recently introduced in the last 1 or 2 updates to CF?”
    Since the site I’m working on isn’t live yet, I’m going to try downgrading CF at least two releases and see if that fixes the issue I’m having.
    If that fixes the issue, I’ll post back and might try to find a fix for the current version by comparing changes (I’m not particularly good at coding nor do I have a lot of free time for stuff like this).

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any support here or even on the CF Facebook page. The only option is to pay for Caldera Forms Pro, which is something I’m not willing to do as I can’t charge the cost to the friend I’m making this particular site for.

    @pmcbrabant – They want us to use Github for reporting bugs (since we use the free version).

    All of a sudden, my calculation and conditional issues have disappeared. All working as it should. Quite surprising considering I didn’t change anything from yesterday when I was experiencing the errors…

    Either something is ‘on the edge’ or it was an error on my end, however several Operating systems and browsers all showed the same issues (so it wasn’t some crazy caching thing) – strange.

    All that said, I’ll take self-repairing issues over still-broken-and-no-fix-in-sight issues any day.

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    Hi all – as @boybawang said, to report a bug we do ask that you fill out a bug report on GitHub so that you may put the bug into our workflow. Please note that a bug report has a turn around time of 14-30 days, and please do remember to fill out the report in its entirety – if it is incomplete, we may not have enough information to recreate your error and therefore will not be able to work on it.

    Again, the link is here: Thanks for your patience, and thansk for using Caldera Forms.

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