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  • About to go live at 12:01 am New Years day with registration for our event. I check everything to be sure it works perfect on my browser (Google Chrome)and then have a friend check it on his and all the conditions I have set on the form DON’T WORK!!! on Internet Explorer……AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
    The last two updates have wiped out this function for me and we had to reset it through the userscript under the js folder. The URL is and the problem is with the volunteer form. Time is running out and I need a solution quick……… anybody……somebody???
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Now it’s gotten even more bizarre……. on firefox and Google browsers it works but a “required” dropdown only reads one of the two options (won’t let you submit form if you select one of the choices)
    and on IE if I check the box requiring a first name on the form it won’t let you submit whether you leave the box blank or fill it completely!
    …..I’ve pulled so much hair out I’m going BALD……..HELP!

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    If you post a link to the form, that will help me debug the conditions scripts, and I’ll hopefully have a fix by the end of the day.

    Thank you for responding on New Years Day! never expected this!

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    No problem – I consider this my free time!

    My testing form (you can check it out here) works for IE9 on windows 7, so the problem is probably a conflict with another script (either in your theme, or another plugin).

    Also, were you using version 1.6.39 before you changed userscripts.js? It is possible your browser had cached the older version of this file which would also break the condition scripts.

    Thanks for the replies Hoff. I’m not much of a geek on this stuff but here is what I know:
    We had everything working perfectly. A guy who regularly uses WordPress to build sites and your plugin as well did a fantastic job putting our volunteer form together on our site. Everything functioned as advertised. in the down time between our trips this summer we received a couple different updates from you (thanks again) and upon installing them (and doing nothing else) the set “conditions” stopped functioning. He was able to find the error and replace the userscripts.js which made it function correctly again but after I updated to 1.6.39 it once again somehow disabled our conditions. It now works in Chrome but not in IE9 on Win7. Also I see you put out an update a couple days back and I am SCARED to install it because of past experience. Another geek friend said IE is a pain for developers because the don’t comply with ieee standards or something like that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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