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    How can I write out conditionals with tags? I could do this in forms, but I don’t know if we can do it with tags.

    eg: when a user chooses A, a conditional rule shows only AB rather than AB,AC & AD.

    I put all the tags inside the result page which I give my client in case they filled any of these out:
    eg: {{AB}} {{AC}} {{AD}}

    But they chose A, so they only filled AB out. However, on the results page, the answers he did not fill out show up as the default text for each unfilled answer.

    So I need something like this for the results page (not the form) to show only certain tags: {if {{A}} checked then only show {{AB}}}

    is that possible? Is there something like this? I can’t find in docs.

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    I’ve found that conditional blocks can do this.

    But why if I use “html” on the last page of my form where users review their answers, these don’t work? The shortcode is not rendered and I can see the shortcode in the preview:
    [nfccb field=”Q” value=”A”]

    Do they only work after the form is submitted? Or can I use these so users can preview their answers before submitting a form?

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    Hi, yes you can do this with conditional content blocks in emails, pdf’s etc after the submission. In the form itself you can use normal conditional logic to show the Element you want as per the users choice. If you still have trouble, please use http://basix.ticksy.com for support.

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