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  • Hey all;

    I’m building a portfolio site and have created a Custom Post Type called “Selected Works”. On the page it displays 3 images (using featured image) in a row, and when an image is clicked it runs Fancybox.

    I have a custom Loop that is pulling in the Featured Image, Title, and Content of each Selected Work.

    What I’m having trouble solving is how I can get the whole thing to center. Part of the issue is that I’m using a fluid layout, so there is no fixed width for the DIV to use margin:auto.

    I’ve attached a screenshot (here), and would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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  • still working on this sadly.

    my problem right now is that when the screen drops to 1024 wide or less, the gallery items don’t reflow with appropriate margins.

    You can view the site here. Just scroll down to the gallery.

    As the browser is resized I can’t get the margins to auto flow. Currenlty they are hard set in the CSS at 35px, but I’d like to get this to properly flow and dynamically.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

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