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  • hi there i am trying to make a contact section where there are various different types of contact ect. e.g skype:, Ph:, Fax:, Email:

    currently i am using the settings API to store my data and display it after my contact section like so

    PH: <stored setting>
    emial: <stored setting>

    what i want to do is get the PH: part to disappear if there is no stored data for its corresponding contact element i.e if there was no phone number entered into the theme options then it would look like this

    Fax: 313 4565 5678
    Skype: joe.bloggs

    I want it to look like this is if there was no number enterred into the PH: field on my settings page

    Fax: 313 4565 5678
    Skype: joe.bloggs

    any ideas?

    currently the code im using looks like this and it isnt working

    if($options ['phone_string'] == "NULL" || "" || " " )
       echo "";
       echo "PH: ";
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