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  • Hi,

    Thanks for this great plugin !

    ## What I want to achieve :
    Having multiple recipients put in the mailer’s recipients field through multiple %field_slug%. Each email address is the value of a radio button choice.
    Example of Mailer’s recipients field input :
    %field_slug_a%, %field_slug_b%, %field_slug_c%, %field_slug_d%

    ## What happens :
    Mailer works if contains :
    * plain email address (txt)
    * plain email address (txt) + one %field_slug%
    * one %field_slug%

    Mailer doesn’t work (no email is sent) if contains :
    * more than one %field_slug% (comma separated)

    ## Help :
    I’m willing to buy an add-on but did not find where it was.
    I understood %field_slug% will show in page source but am willing to go this way for now.
    Can you help ?

    I have :
    * WordPress 4.1.1
    * Caldera Forms



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  • Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    Thanks for this, I’ll log an issue on the github page. looks like it may be a bug that needs testing and addressing.

    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    If the field is a checkbox, using %field_slug% will create a comma separated list of all checked options. Have you tried this?

    Sorry, no I didn’t try with a checkbox. I really need radio button (one choice and only one).

    It seems to me that the “decoding”/”dewrapping” of the mailer recipients field is the problem.
    I manually enter commas in between the different %field_slug%. It simply doesn’t send any email if more then one %field_slug% (even if there is a plain email in the list). May be a problem with resulting empty %field_slug% (as only one will be chosen). There will then be several commas wandering in the Mailer’s recipients field I guess.

    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    Is this on the main mailer or the auto responder processor?

    It is on the main Mailer.

    Also while I was at it, I tried putting in the radio buttons’s values of %field_slug01%:
    “,” (leading comma)
    and in the Mailer’s recipients filed :
    “ %field_slug01%” (no comma)
    so it would bypass the problem.
    Too bad. The form “verifier” tells me %field_slug01% is required even though I checked it. Not understanding the “,” I presume.

    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    would it be possible to get access to the site so I can see how the form is setup?

    Sure, what email do you want me to send to the credentials ?


    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    OK. Just deed. Thanks

    Hi! thanks for the plugin and support!!!!

    I need send the form to conditional recipients and I trying to put %field_slug_1%,%field_slug_2% but I have the same problem, some idea for solved? I try to make the same in a HTML field like %field_slug_1%,%field_slug_2% and put them this field value in recipient field on mailer, but neither work…please i need solve this problem, thank!

    Plugin Contributor David Cramer


    I am still working on this. I cant replicate it always so its a bug that I need to investigate more. I will have a solution soon.

    OK! Thank you very much!!


    I’m working on localhost, I’ve built a form and the mailer isn’t working!

    It’s because I’m on localhost and not on a server?

    Plugin Author Josh Pollock


    @mrflo86 Hard to say on localhost. Personally I use MailCatcher to see if the email has been “sent” or not. I also strongly recommend using Mandrill (for free) so I have reliable sending, and data to tell me if it worked or not.

    I installed Caldera forms, i used beginners contact form and i have the following issues:

    1. When I press submit button it is sending an e-mail to the e-mail that is filled in the e-mail form. I want to receive an e-mail aswell not only the people who are typing their e-mail in the form.
    2. When sending e-mails is coming like (No recipient) instead of subject or etc.
    3. If you click to this e-mail is not saying who was the sender.
    I’ve used %wp_mail function at From Email under procesor settings, if I will type a normal e-mail the form is not sending any e-mails anymore. If I leave admin@localhost in the e-mail received I can see the sender ( admin@localhost)

    Maybe is not posible with this form to do this things . Can somebody help me?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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