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  • Hi everyone
    I want to have a select field in my page template and this has to be conditional ie. if a is selected then do shortcode a, if b is selected then do shortcode b and if c is selected, do shortcode c…

    Any idea how this is done?


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  • Can you be more specific? It can be done but what are the conditions that you need met?

    It’s just one select field with 3 options, if A then do_shortcode A, if B then do_shortcode etc..

    The do_shortcode bits are the php tags for page templates.

    You can do something like that with Gravity Forms (premium plugin) but I’m not sure if there is any plugin that is free that will do this.

    I have a gravity forms developer license but wasn’t too sure how this was achievable with that because the drop down field to determine what content to show isn’t going to submit anything, just make content appear underneath.

    Then if that is the case, you should be asking on there forums since you now have a gravity forms questions.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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