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    Is it possible to have a conditional members directory?
    For example if I have a profile field Country to show only members who live in Germany, or only to show members who have a website-URL?
    The setting does not exist but maybe it is possible with a hook or a default search shortcode?
    Or in a later update?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @bodhi1970,

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible in the current version of the Ultimate member, however, we are working on the Member directory improvements which will include some new features.

    If you really need this option I suggest hiring a developer for assistance.


    potential buyer here..
    Really, can one not let a visitor select to view a sub-group or category to display”

    For the country it’s possible – just add a filter to the member directory (member directory creation page). Don’t think it’s possible for website url present/not present, though.

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    My idea is to show only results for one of the search results from the beginning as a default when a user comes on the page. The search form works fine but I want to create a link e.g. to only German members or only members with a website-url.

    I need to do this too and I’m flummoxed.

    @lauramay7 How do you add a filter to the directory? I can find sorting options, but not one for filtering.

    Much thanks!

    In the Member Directory creation page, under ‘Search Options’, select “Enable Search Feature”. Scroll down to “Additional search filters” and enter your criteria. For example, for one of our Member Directories I want it to display only people who are tagged with “Ethics Committee” (ID 970) under “Committees and Taskforces” (slug committees-tfs). So in “Additional search filters” I have committees-tfs=970.
    I figured out what I needed to enter there by looking at the URL on my search results page when I’d just conducted the search I wanted people to see by default. You can see what I mean on our ‘find a mediator’ page at https://www.imimediation.org/find-a-mediator/. If I select ‘Afghanistan’ as an ‘active location, then after I hit ‘search’ the URL shows https://www.imimediation.org/find-a-mediator/?mediation_locations=Afghanistan&um_search=1. To have it so that the Member Directory showed only results from Afghanistan by default, in the “Additional search filters” I would put mediation_locations=Afghanistan. To add multiple search filters you just separate them with &.
    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you @lauramay7 that is really helpful. I did not get the filters before and it is also a quite hidden feature, but your explanation helped me.
    I wonder why the @ultimatemembersupport does not know that?
    That was exactly what I needed, apart from a map with the members locations 🙂

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    Re support, who knows – it seems like a lot of the responses on this forum are copy-paste. Re the map with members’ locations, I believe that’s coming – or at least, it’s on their roadmaps. I’m personally hoping that AJAX member directories and list view come first, though…!

    There used to be a third-party plugin that did maps, but I think it was from Plus Plugins, and *do not* trust them with your money. Their products don’t work and there’s no support.

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    @lauramay7 Unfortunately I bought that plugin UM Maps from PlusPlugins and it does not work as expected. Their support does not reply since about three weeks and the website was not updated since Nov 2018.

    They haven’t replied to me since late 2017; your money is definitely gone.


    You are MY HERO today! I had figured out how to include the query in the URL…but I didn’t want to show the query in the URL (and expose the query terms for people to play around with.) I didn’t realize that I had to enable search to add a filter.

    That worked like a charm. THANK YOU for responding so quickly!!!!

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