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  • The issue:
    I have a lot of pages for soccer teams (u11’s, u15’s, etc…) on a single website. They contain useful information about the team that is input by custom fields. I therefore also use a page template.
    I would like to add a ‘blog’ section (by using a loop) on those pages so every coach can post information for their team.

    the easiest way is to create a category for each team. I could create a template and manually change the preset information (and lose my custom fields).

    Then I was thinking about the possibilty of using the loop (query_posts/WP_Query) in a page – so page info + loop -? I guess this is not possible (I’m using WP for couple a years now, but never countered the question …)! If this can be done, my problem would be solved.

    On the other hand, I can create a page template with custom fields by adding a loop for each category. Then I should create about 20 templates. This does not sound very practical, but is doable.

    Then I figured I maybe could use conditional statements in one page template. I could use the custom fields and write a loop using a large condition depending on the category that is used (if page is U13, then use loop is_category U13…).
    I don’t know if this is possible (+ I guess it’s complex to do).

    What do you think, is the last option possible, and if so, how to start? Maybe you guys know other possibilities that can be used (using 1 category with tags (u9, u11,…) I can use with conditional statements)?

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