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    I’m attempting to utilize the opt-in conditional logic, which I’ve gotten to work in the past, for two new lists. The idea is that the user selects what Constant Contact list they will be sorted into from a multi-select dropdown selector.

    Below is the selection of lists that are being submitted to. The last two, Tree Care/Removal and Pool Maintenance, are the new ones that are not submitting to CC.


    My configuration for the all the “old” lists currently submits to a list, or lists, based on the selection from the Gravity Form’s multiselect dropdown selector — as state above. This works flawlessly, and doesn’t need changing, however I can’t see the exact way I configured it before, because the opt-in’s conditional logic values are not displayed. I’m basically going off of assumptions on how I previously achieved those results, however, I believe I got it as close to what I had before, aside from the lack of a positive response from CC. My new configurations are illustrated below:


    So I need to know, A) am I doing it right? B) If I am, what can be done to fix this? C) If I’m not, what am I doing wrong?

    I am currently running the latest version of your plugin, WordPress, and GravityForms. My browser is irrelevant, but it’s the latest version of Firefox, and I’m not receiving any errors.

    Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    I have an update to my current issue. Since the update that you pushed yesterday, I was able to successfully get a submission sent to Constant Contact, but I’ve encountered an entirely new problem.

    With the same configuration as displayed above, my newer CC feeds send out simultaneously regardless of the selection made in the multiselect field. As seen below,


    despite selecting only one option, either Pool Maintenance or Tree Care/Removal, both get submitted to CC. This does not happen with any of the older feeds.

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    You know what, it seems I am the author of my own destruction. It occurred to me as I was searching for possible solutions, that the defer parsing of JavaScript function I had in place in the functions.php could be the cause of my ire. Sure enough, this was the case. I have since placed an admin exception, and everything seems to be working as it should.

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    Thanks for updating—I did look into it and couldn’t reproduce it. Glad you were able to find the problem!

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    I knew something else was going wrong, when an official GF plugin was presenting similar issues. I then recalled a support exchange I had made with JetPack for another site I had developed, and they had identified the defer parsing of JavaScript php function as the cause of the problem. I initially wasn’t sure if this particular site had it implemented on it, so I checked, and sure enough, there it was. Shame I wasted time looking at everything else but the stuff that I had direct impact on.

    Thanks for looking into it for me, anyway.

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