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  • Hi Guys!

    I need an advice how to resolve the following project: I need to set up a kind of calculator which is part of a WP site. This part would use conditional logic: by some questions and given answer opportunities step by step should exclude elements from the entire solution set. After all the questions answered, it should offer the remained elements as solution with a short description of them.

    For example the original solution set contains 5 elements : a 2 storey house, a bungallow, a beach side villa, a hostel, a mountain house.
    The system greets the visitor, writes some text and ask them to answer for some questions:

    1. Is the nearness of the water important for you?
    A: NO (by choosing this answer, keep all the elements)
    B: YES (by choosing this answer exclude the mountain house and the 2 storey house)

    2. Do you mind to take the stairs?
    A: NO (keep all)
    Y: YES (exclude the 2 storey house)

    3. How much would you spend on the accomodation?
    A: Just a few bucks. (exclude the beach side villa and the 2 storey house)
    B: I dont know, im interested in all the opportunities. (keep all)
    C: Give me the most luxurious choices! (exclude the hostel and the bungallow)

    4. Is privacy and place important for you?
    A: No (keep all)
    B: Yes (exclude hostel)

    So for example when a visitor answered 1:B, 2:A, 3:A, 4:B the solution would be: (ALL) –(mountain house+ 2 storey house) – (beach side villa + 2 storey house) – (hostel) = bungallow

    So after answered these questions this way should allow to show the „bungallow” part of the site which would be a text introducing the advantage and disadvantages of this kind of accomodation.

    Of course in some cases will remain more element as solution, should list all with the introduction part of them, and in some cases there will be zero solution where should give a personalized „sorry, we have no offer for these criterias, try to modify your parameters”

    Also may need to jump over some questions or add new ones depends on the given answers, but this is only a might be part, the above part is the must have.

    Also would be great the opportunity to see how many steps are left and be able to step back and change only one answer, not to step over step by step on the entire form for the recalculation. If it is in a form way, where can see all the questions and can choose from a drop down menu or a chat like solution, where the next question comes only after the current was answered also would be good. But need to take place on the main site, not at the bottom, or at the side as a chat window.

    What kind of solution or plugin would you recommend to use in order to solve this task?

    Thanks for any advice!

    Greetings, Peter

    I examined some chat-bots and forms, but still feel that some opportunities are missing from them, and these functions are included only in the pro or premium products, what have no trial period neither try out opportunity without spending money for nothing. Thats why im asking for advice. Im happy to pay for a working plugin or other way solution, but dont wanna pay for trying out 10 different plugins what dont serve my needs.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I think some sort of advanced search or drill-down selection plugin would meet your needs. All the objects to be searched would need to be coded with what is considered matching criteria. The search function then simply queries the DB for objects meeting the selected criteria and spits out a list of objects found.

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