• I want to know, if you pay for the conditional logic extension are you able to then send the submitted form off to different areas of your business depending on which options have been selected?


    Tech support – goes to techsupport@ inbox

    I’m interested in large blue widgets – goes to sales@ inbox



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  • I’ve tried asking this question several times using different contact methods, still no reply. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that I’d get any tech support once the purchase was made.

    Gravityforms replied to me inside 30mins. Therefore they get my business!

    Plugin Author James Laws


    We try to assist everyone who asks for support but as we’ve stated in this sticky thread, we don’t offer support on these forums. This is to help us provide support more efficiently by keeping it all in one channel.

    If you would like support from the developers you can follow the support link it provides and we’d be happy to assist you.

    We have also been having some issues with our email provider and so some emails have not been properly received. We have, however, responded to all support requests via our support system so if you have posted something there as we’ve requested, you have already been responded to.

    I tried contacting you via your website also, 5 days ago but I’ve had nothing back. This was a simple pre-sales question, didn’t require tech support at this stage. A bad experience that could have been easily avoided.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    As I stated, we don’t monitor these forums daily or even weekly and our email provider is having some technical difficulties that we are working through. If you used those channels you would not have received a response and for that I apologize.

    Everyone always receives a response through our support system. That’s why we added the sticky post so people can know the most effective channel to get a thorough and expedient response.

    Again my apologies. And to answer your question above, no extensions are needed to accomplish this, just a small snippet of code: http://ninjaforms.com/documentation/developer-api/code-examples/change-or-add-administrator-email-addresses-based/

    Sorry that I neglected to post that in my last response.

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