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    The conditional dropdown values were working fine for me on 2.1.1 until I upgraded to 2.2.1 today.

    I have dropdowns with these options:

    All Brands
    Brand 1
    Brand 2
    Brand 3

    All Types
    Type 1
    Type 2
    Type 3

    When working in v2.1.1 if I selected a brand that dropdown would show that brand selected and the ‘type’ dropdown would only show the types available for that brand. I could ‘reset’ this by selecting ‘All Brands’ and then the options would open up for selection again.

    Now if I choose a brand/type and the filter enables across the dropdowns the ‘All Brands’ and ‘All Types’ option disappears so I can’t reset it.

    The only way to get the dropdowns back to the initial state is to refresh.

    My settings are:

    Enable conditional dropdown values – true
    Disable the select 2 library – true
    Dropdown deselect/default behavior – all option

    Any help appreciated – this is a fantastic plugin.

    For now I have downgraded back to 2.1.1


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    So just to be clear, the issue is that “all <taxonomy>” option disappears from the same taxonomy dropdown you choose a value in after the conditional has reloaded?

    I will have a look at this.. Should be an easy fix.

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    The ‘All Taxonomy’ option is removed from ALL dropdowns when an option is selected.

    Plugin Author Jonathandejong



    Try updating to v 2.3.0 I just pushed. That should fix your issue 🙂

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