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  • Hello there,
    i’m very happy to have found this plugin, it does exatly what i was looking for. Unfortunately it is very slow. (I use the setting with the conditional values in the dropdown)
    Is there a way in wich i could accellerate the process? or is any update for this planed?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Jonathandejong


    Hi @suracreat,

    Glad to hear that!
    Yes there is actually a next version I’m working on which should speed up the conditional dropdowns quite a lot. However I have a hard time setting an ETA as I’ve been working my butt off with my “real” job and just now went on paternity leave with my son. So I’m hoping to get it done during his naps 😉

    glad to discover it wasn’t just an issue with my code… it’s a pity, now i got it all working, to have to drop the conditional values feature, it was working great though very slow (20sec or so)…
    happy parenthood, Jonathan! hope baby sleeps well and sound 😉

    Hi again,
    hope you and your son are fine! =)

    I only wanted to ask, if you already know when the next update (espescially for the loading speed) will be approximately available?

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Jonathandejong



    Back from parental leave! As usual had lots of plans but life came between. So I will try to work on this and finish it in the next weeks.

    that’s great news Jonathan, thanks, looking forward to it!

    hi Jonathan,
    i’ve seen new versions of BTF released, so i updated the plugin and tried out enabling Advanced Options->Enable Conditional Values, but despite it being definitely faster in returning functional after selecting a value, the other values are not being “conditioned” and they all appear…

    so that i know if i have to look into any problem that’s causing this, has the fix been released in these versions, or will it come later?


    Plugin Author Jonathandejong


    Hi Max,

    The issues has not been resolved 100%. It seems there are some cases where it stops working as it should. I wish I could just work on it straight away until it’s perfect but you know.. work, family.. all these distractions! 🙂

    It’d be very helpful if you wanted to debug the issues you have. I have not tested it with taxonomies that are connected to multiple cpts for example.

    hi Jonathan, i’ll try to debug the issue.

    my setup has just 1 custom post type with 5 custom taxonomies, and BTF has been applied only to that CPT. these have all custom rewrites, to “adjust” their slugs.

    there seems to be no errors in the console, but after selecting a term from one of the 5 taxonomies, all dropdowns seem to refresh, but after that they keep showing all of their options.



    Hi Jonathan,
    i still not tried the updated version (because for my project i changed the structure to make it work withanothorer plugin… but i’m not very happy with this solution). So i wanted to ask, is the new version really faster?
    And this issue maxgx describes, is it resolved or do you know in which cases exactly it happens?
    Maybe i’ll have a simple try, only that my project is grown meanwhile and i hope to destroy nothing XD

    Thanks in advance!
    Hope work and parenthood works fine?! =) I soon will do the same experience 😉

    It is MUCH FASTER with my amount of data! Thanks, great work!

    hey @suracreatdoes your conditional filtering work?

    i mean, if you select an option on a menu, do other menus get affected/change their options?

    if so, do you mind sharing your BTF settings?

    i do notice the response is now way faster than before, i see a “loader” icon at the bottom right of the window and the menus are coming back faster than before, but nothing really changes inside these menus, they show all the options as before whatever change you make to other menus.

    i can confirm that version 2.4.0 finally solves the problem, although it has broken all permalinks.

    just noticed an update to version 2.4.1 – i just hope this finally resumes functionality, i’ve already wasted many hours restoring all to version 2.3.5…

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