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  • Hi,

    I’m planning to develop with a friend programmer an agenda event site. I’m an old wordpress user and I’ll like to use it as a base of the system instead of getting the programmer to start from scratch.

    The site will have the following structure:

    1) Display posts within the current week, from Thursday to Thursday. So, not from today and a week ahead, always starting to display from Thursday to the next Thursday, even if today is Saturday. The display will not change until the next Thursday comes. (I hope this makes sense)

    2) Several categories: music, films, festival, etc… (Already implemented in wordpress)

    3) Make uses of pages to display day os the week posts: will always display posts from the current week Tuesday and not from future or past weeks.

    So for 1) and 3) wordpress needs some hacking to:

    – Be able to display future posts, present and past posts.
    – Manage posts (and future posts) with wordpress categories.
    – Be able to force wordpress to display a set of posts in a conditional range of dates, from Thursday to next Thursday, and then when Thursday comes, display the next range…

    The idea is to be able to enter the events as normal posts, categorizes them, set a date for them and let the system display them when the week they belong to is active.

    I’ve been searching the forums for that, but I didn’t get into anything that makes me believe this is possible. I know future posts can be achieved, but I don’t know if display conditionally as I want is possible.

    Any input will be appreciated, so I can guide the programmer in the best direction, or just go to implement a whole system just for that.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • *bump*

    Any ideas? I guess I only need (apart of the show every posts hack) to use database queries, but I don’t know anything about that. Just pointing me to some plugin or documentation will help me a lot.


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