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  1. lhk
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    I know I can choose to display certain elements in the sidebar according to the page geography (front, single etc.).

    I've searched (and not found...so far) for such more detailed conditional display:

    - Full display including children of pages/categories on e.g. the front page and the page, but only without children in the category area and vice versa

    - conditional display as per category viewed, e.g. if I look at category 1,2,3 I want the children of 1,2,3 displayed, but not the children of 4,5. And if I look at 4,5 I want the children of 4,5 displayed but not 1,2,3

    Any ideas? Maybe a way I can assign a specific sidebar to specific categories and pages? Or conditional clauses according to what is displayed in detail?

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