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[Resolved] Condition if field is blank

  • Hi, I am displaying the the values of my custom fields with labels, like this.

    <h5 class="semibold">Preperation Time</h5>
    <?php the_field('prep_time'); ?>

    The problem is the label will always be there even if the field has no value. Now I want to make a condition something like this

    if field_name has value{
    <h5 class=”semibold”>Preperation Time</h5>
    <?php the_field(‘prep_time’); ?>

    how can I do that?, thanks.


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  • done — I used this code

    <?php if (get_field('cook_time') && get_field('cook_time') != "") { ?>
    <div class="left recipe-detail">
    <h5 class="semibold">Cook Time</h5>
    <?php the_field('cook_time'); ?>
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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