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    When I am logged in at the back end to develop the site, I want to be able to test it by opening a second instance of the site in a new tab and logging in to the front end as a user.

    You may not like the answer: use a different browser with a second account.

    As you know, WordPress (like all sane web based platforms) stores it’s user status in a cookie. There is no such thing as a user logging into the site, then log into it again with a different account and maintaining both session. That would seriously confuse any platform and browsers do not work that way.

    pretty sure you can use ‘login switcher’ plugin to do what you’re looking for.
    But for me personally, i’d rather just use different browser because
    a) it keeps the two spaces very separate
    b) allows you to effectively passively keep testing in different browsers
    c) allows you to switch back and forth by a quick ‘alt-tab’ key stroke

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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