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  • No offense, but this feels like trying to build a website in Mailchimp and doesn’t seem to be what a lot of devs have been working with for years.

    Not to mention training clients or potential loss of content if someone doesn’t have Classic Editor installed and ready to go when an upgrade happens.

    I remember how hard it used to be to alter core functionality and add things in WordPress roll outs (I am not even a big fan of Jetpack) and think Gutenburg should be an option, in a tab just like the Visual | Text | Pagebuilder options now.

    We are worried about Woocommerce and other complex post types turning out to be an uncomfortable fit with this. From what I have read consideration has been made for plotting products in a display, but as far as creating the products themselves? And how jumbled everything may get with complex variables, product designers etc.

    We get that wix, squarespace and all those web companies with Super Bowl commercials are flooding the market with drag and drop solutions…but I “save” clients from those platforms all the time due to limited functionality.

    2 stars because it seems to function in our limited testing (no slight to the creators and developers that work on it, thanks to them as always), but Gute should not be a core transformation.

    We spent the day loading / activating Classic Editor onto all of our client sites and really hope that doesn’t get out dated or forgotten about.

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  • Gutenberg is not a page builder – not even close.

    Page and Site builders are WAY more powerful right now. Gutenberg is simply a rich text editor – that’s it.

    The only real difference I can see is in the UI. Nothing more. I really can’t get the two stars…

    “We are worried about Woocommerce” – do you truly believe they didn’t think about woocommerce compatibility MONTHS ago?

    Gutenberg is simply a rich text editor – that’s it.

    Actually, that’s not it. It’s barely even close.

    The only real difference I can see is in the UI. Nothing more.

    Wrong again!

    @ziogio98, you really shouldn’t hijack someone else’s thread to say stuff that’s quite wrong. The whole architecture of Gutenberg is different: that’s the point.

    @bleazymatt, sorry for trespassing on your thread.

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    You’re welcome to discuss the review and experiences of the original reviewer.

    We’ll only tell you not to if it becomes opp topic, non-relevant comments start coming in, or it becomes hostile or personal in any way.

    There’s generally no need to worry about WooCommerce, they’re already on top of things, and have been for a while now, and are working on their compatibility. They don’t currently use Gutenberg when editing products either, so no concerns there, they will work like before (for now, what plans they have for the future I can’t speak for). Other complex post types will also be able to opt-out of Gutenberg, we’ve already provided them with the tools to do so.

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