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  • I’ve just converted to WordPress from Mephisto and am greatly enjoying the experience so far. For my first site, I’m converting some pages from a plain HTML site so have been hitting the problem described in ticket 2992 – i.e. that rows of a table are lost by the HTML editor if the TR tags have attributes.


    How can I investigate progress on this bugfix? Alternatively, is there a workaround? I realise that I could amend all my HTML before I paste it in but I’m hoping there is a less labour-intensive solution.

    Kind regards

    (WP newbie, former Rails fan)

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  • Hello!


    I replied to like 4 people yesterday about tables and the wysiwyg editor.

    Have you tried disabling the WYSIWYG editor? Users -> Your Profile, bottom-most checkbox, uncheck it and save. Now revisit your Post editor. Not as pretty or flashy, but WAY more useful if you’re going to be doing your own markup. And probably less likely to eat tables.

    Thanks Handy. I guess I’m in good company then!

    The people who would be writing pages on my site would need the WYSIWYG editor so I guess I’ll have to modify my HTML. I’m sure Dreamweaver will take a lot of the pain out of that.

    I went to the tinymce website and the sample there works better than the version built in to WP. It still eats COL tags though. Is it possible for me to build in a different version of the editor? I’m using my own install so I’m happy to hack if pointed in the right direction.


    Hi Allen, you might search around for some of the editor plugins. There are a few that offer a more “full-featured” implementation of tinyMCE. In fact, if you search here in the forums for “tables” some of those threads might mention one or two of those.

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