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  • Someone recently told me that the major advantage over Word Press and Moveable type is Moveable Type will create additional pages for the comments posted on a given article. Also, it allows you
    to give the comments pages a keyword rich name. So, the keyword rich page names and the additional pages created by comments are better for the search engines.
    Can you tell me whether or not either of these features are available
    in WordPress?

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  • What I can tell you is that the search engine rankings enjoyed by WordPress users on nearly all the major engines are absolutely astonishing. Far better IMHO than any other blogging software and streets ahead of nearly all professional web sites. That is due to the semantic nature of the markup and the fact that many engines index the posts themselves.

    A major advantage WP has over MT – apart from the quick install, great developers, great forums, ease of use, built in spam protection, no rebuilding to mention but a few – is the license.
    WP is free.

    In short: No, those features are not available, but who cares? You should use WordPress anyway.

    What do you mean by “will create additional pages for comments”? Do you mean after a certain number of comments, a new page is created to break up the comments? If so, what a pain that would be, given the nature of MT having to rebuild everything (assuming you aren’t using 3.1.)
    Anonymous is not totally correct about those features not being available, other than the additional pages thing. As Root stated so well, WordPress takes care of SEO very nicely, without the user having to put much thought into it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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