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  • Hi to everyone,
    i need concatenate two field of my contact form.

    I would like concatenate “Locations” and “Room type” because for every locations “Santa Caterina” “Porto Cesareo” “Lecce” “Copertino” i have different typology of rooms.
    Every rooms has an id number.

    <p>Locations:[select locations "Santa Caterina" "Porto Cesareo" "Lecce" "Copertino"]</p>
    <p>Room type (if you change the type of rooms the calendar will be updated accordingly)</p>
    <p>[select room class:room-type][room_type_data]</p>
    <p>Use the calendar to select all the nights of your stay:[text* dates id:dates]</p>
    <div style="position:relative">[calendar name="dates" type="pop-up" options="multiSelect:15"]</div>

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    Any helps?
    Thank you in advanced.

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  • Ciao!
    Sto cercando anche io quello che chiedi però che una volta selezionato il menu dove c’è l’elenco dei prodotti mi mostri un box dove inserire le quantità.
    Tu sei riuscito a trovare una soluzione?

    ———–Translate Whith google translation

    I’m also looking for what you ask, however, that once you select the menu where there is a list of products you show me a box to enter the amount.
    You are able to find a solution?

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