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  • Anne-Marie


    Does anybody know if there is a contact form plugin out there that has an attachment possibility going along with it?

    If yes…please direct me to the right direction.

    TIA Caramellamorbide

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  • Interesting request. So you want a visitor to your site to fill in the contact form and then upload a file, that then gets emailed to you?

    Well if you don’t a plugin that helps, you could do Administration > Links > Add Link and in the URI put:

    The user then would click that link to ‘contact’ you with their email program, and they could attach file(s) to their email. Of course that makes your email address ‘somewhat public’ but if you use gmail or the like it might not be too bad.



    Thnx MichealH, I knew of the possibily you’ve mentioned and I would do this in my own site but the request was for a friend of mine and I was wondering if such pkugin was available.

    So I guess by MichealH reply no such plugin exists?

    Well, I don’t *think* there’s such a thing for wp. Some forum packages have the ability to attach files to posts. That doesn’t seem to have yet been “functionalized” into wp. (There’s some danger with this sort of thing, keep in mind….)

    If you were to use one of the cms packages, such as modx, the forum parts thereof would maybe have that functionality.

    There are ways for users to upload files to the server. The quickest route to this is to allow registered users to upload a file but the email message will need to be something separate.

    I haven’t tried sending mail through php with attachments but I believe it can be done. I imagine this could work if the file is uploaded to the server and the filename is passed to a php function that includes the file as an attachment with the contact form message.

    Much depends on how much you can trust the users you give this capability to.

    Edit: Evidence here that it can be done.

    A class for doing this form can be found here or try this one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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