• Avoid this free plugin and the premium version, WPShopCart, at all costs. The plugin is broken on the backend and will not function. If you contact the programmer, he will tell you that it can do all these great things, but none of them are true. And all he will offer in the way of help is one sentence answers sent from his iphone. I don’t know how I’m going to fix my store or get my money back, but don’t make the same mistake I did.

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  • Plugin Author n.showket


    Not sure whats your problem, I am on holiday thats why I am replying from My Iphone ( and one line ). Both free and wpshopcart works fine as long as it does not conflict with your theme.And again that can be resolved as well…..
    Hope you understand now.

    He simply answered you by i-phone because he was away on holiday without access to his computer. How many support folks are prepared to do that? If he was at his computer back a work, he would go right into your back office on your own system to fix things right, like he did for me when I wanted something customized, but couldn’t figure it out. I find his premium plug in works perfectly. I had a couple problems, but the problems ended up being me in getting it right on my end , not the software.

    He’s been on vacation for 2 months? Every single response I have going back to July is 1 line and sent from his iphone. He disappears for weeks at a time with no reply. And he wants me to pay extra for him to fix things that he said would work when I bought the plugin. I’ve asked and asked for help to fix the things that are wrong with this plugin but I don’t hear anything for weeks at a time, so what am I supposed to think? Niaz, if you can actually fix the problem, them please respond. Even with a timeframe. Otherwise, please refund my money like you said you would.

    Plugin Author n.showket


    please raise a refund request..secondly please email me for this type of request..dont use this forum..


    I did email you and you didn’t respond. Then I put a request through paypal (still open) and you didn’t respond.

    I’m going through the same nonsense happycat. To a ‘T’.

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