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  • Ok, I am a computer-ly challenged female. Desperate for help!
    I have a website ( don’t click if you’re easily offended.. that my designer just finished for me, but unfortunately she doesn’t know about SEO or anything else that I need to be shown on Google. I have verified my website with Google Webmasters (with help from a rep at hostgator LOL) and now I’m not sure where to start. I read a lot about rich snippets (it seemed important) but, no matter how many times I read it, I don’t seem to understand how/where to put all the codes in. And I’m to the point where I want to give up and just pay someone, but I don’t even know where to find someone who does that. If anyone had any simple steps, for me I would love them long time. BTW I just downloaded the.. SEO Ultimate, to my computer. But I don’t even know how to open it. If it helps, I am a fast learner, but not when reading directions and no communication LOL. Anyone dare to take a shot at it? :/

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  • D M


    For the “SEO Ultimate” plugin, login to your wp-login, go to “Plugins > Add New”, type “SEO Ultimate” into the search, and select “Install Now” when the plugin appears. (…there will probably be more than one plugin in the list, so make sure you select the correct one)

    Once installed, there should be a “Configuration” for this plugin in the dropdown menu under “Settings”.

    If you are speaking above about “Google Analytics” code, you can paste the whole of the – script type=”text/javascript” – you get from Google Analytics just before the “</head>” tag in the “Header.php” of your theme.

    Thank you, I appreciate it Dave.

    I only got the first paragraph you wrote down, I installed it, and activated the plug in.. but I couldn’t find anything about “configuration” or any link in my plugin called “settings” I only have “Installed” “Add new” and “editor”

    And I am not familiar with what Google analytics are, and I don’t even know where the Header.php would be found…. sorry I’m new to all of this. Just started this week.

    I really am trying to figure out how to be shown on Google, without having to type “Ms Lolas Laundry” , because thats the only way I will come up. I want to be shown when the keywords “worn panties” , “used panties” or anything of that nature is typed. So I was told that I needed to create a rich snippet, and that is what I don’t know how to do (among many other things..)

    If you have any tips on this it would be great. and thank you for answering so promptly the first time


    D M


    Actually: “Where is the SEO Settings box located? The SEO Settings box is located on WordPress’s post/page editor underneath the content area.”

    This is from where the info for this plugin is located. This plugin has modules, which may be more than what you are looking for. Check the rest of the info at this link, also.

    As for “I really am trying to figure out how to be shown on Google, without having to type “Ms Lolas Laundry” , because thats the only way I will come up. I want to be shown when the keywords…“, the way to do this is to have these phrases at least twice in the text of your site, as the major search engines do not use “keywords” anymore. See here:

    You may emphasize the phrases (using ’em’ tags or making the words bold) which makes them stand out to the SEO crawlers. It will take time, though.

    Here is info on “rich snippets”:

    Ok Dave. Hopefully I can figure this out lol..

    appreciate your help.

    Well I’m back.. I downloaded the SEO ultimate, and figured out where the settings where..but still don’t really know what to put in there. When I went to the “rich snippets creator” I edited it with the text I wanted, but then when testing it didn’t work.

    I then moved on to creating a Google Sitemap, because that too seems to be important.. I’ve just been trying to figure out why one thing isn’t working, moving on to something else, and then that doesn’t work either. (If you.. haven’t noticed.)

    I created a site map at ( with this tutorial video at . I was really happy because I thought it was going to work, but in the last minute of the video, where she uploads her Sitemap, I believe her version is much different then my Google Webmasters. when I enter “sitemap.xml” as it tells me, it uploads , but then it says that there is an error and I must upload again.. anything you know of that I could be doing wrong?

    I really am sorry that I am asking so many questions. I just don’t even know who else to ask :/ ..

    I also am creating a Google Analytics account now.

    D M


    I think that you’re trying too much to get your site noticed, but it merely takes time for the search engines to find and log you.

    WordPress is already very SEO friendly, what you really need to do is update your content regularly, at least once a week. All the extra plugins and ‘tricks’ do very little.

    As far as your sitemap is concerned, “I created a site map at (”, you name it: “sitemap.xml”, because it is an ‘xml’ file, it should have submitted. It could have been a browser error of some sort.

    Google Analytics is your best bet, as it shows you where ppl come from and what pages they access.

    I think you misread what I said.. I said I created a map at that website. It tells you to name it sitemap.xml , that’s what I did..

    But thanks for all your help I don’t want to be a bother. Take care.

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