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  • i like it and it works well … very easy to implement/install.

    the one problem i am having is when the XHTML validation is applied and the paragraph tags are applied, in my theme the paragraphs do not really separate

    they are close together – the ‘return’ occurs, but no blank line inbetween … any ideas as to how to fix that, please?

    wonderful plugin and is an added way to help slow down, or stop, spam, too.

    thank you for the plugin.

    I am having one small problem with the plugin.

    In the process of posting a comment, when you preview the comment, it appears like this:

    First paragraph is here.

    Second paragraph is here.

    After posting the comment, the paragraphs appear like this:

    FIrst paragraph is here.
    Second paragraph is here.

    There is no longer a blank line/space separating the paragraphs. Just like the two lines above.

    In posts and comments, WordPress does not default to pushing the paragraphs together. It retains the blank line inbetween them.

    I’m using two different themes on two different blogs – but still getting the same results on each blog.

    Any ideas?

    Oops, after testing this morning – I don’t think we should use the ComPreVal plugin at this stage of development. It is very nice, but has what I think is a fatal flaw that will make your commenters very unhappy.

    If invalid XHTML is entered, when you select Preview button, you comment is gone!

    Even if the comment was not trashed, the user is going to want to know why it did not validate.

    Would a better option be to best-efforts render the XHTML – flag it as invalid, let the user try to figure out what is wrong by looking at the source and the rendered version?

    While I’m piling on feature-requests, it sure would be nice if the Preview plug-in allowed for a captcha. I don’t see how to include a captcha as ComPreVal is implemented (maybe to dim to see how it could be done).

    Cheers, Steve

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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