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  • Been workoing on the sped of several of my sites. In the codex I found a snippet of code to use for output compression. i put the code
    ob_start('ob_gzhandler'); in the index.php as it said and it seemed to work really well. Soon after though, the main page worked but the rest of the site immediately went to lots of garbage such as:

    �9�w����]޹%�L�3’�\oŴ�=�Qi���G���T��{1��f�����yk�mM{�i�5�mM�Z��k1(q���߅��$�.*�1O��>�&�w� 1j>��;�� wߵ*���N1��[6Z�Kk��u���7���H�2�cg�F\Z�ؙK�Ȓ?�u����^8�S����g8���J�]��Qx5_��y�>z��4���k!�8���x)埖���~�-2nR\�^k�ܸ��=��o����h���0CX�}����e/��U�:���6�,�*�3����.��.��]R�G�”����;�s��g��$�Սv k�O�s�ݳ�ᤑ aPpQ�7L� uM�o��{�v|%�)�

    Any idea why or what I can do to use it. There was another suggestion of changing the .htaccess file but now have been afraid to try it. I do have WP Super Cache running also. Do i need to turn off compression there? It actually does not seem to be doing much according to reports.


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