• Avoid. Based only on the features, this is an very good solution for managing access to media resources. Technically, the only significant drawback is the ability to manage versions/generations/backups. The most significant failure with exceptionally poor support. The system responds slowly when listing more than 100 download items. I thought it may have been the way that I used the plug-in tools and I consulted with their support forum through several conversations. They provided only two comments – they checked and found (1) the response time to be acceptable (it took 6-10 seconds to render the list of items) and (2) presented a suggestion which had no relevance or applicability to the situation (a link to a generalized set of suggestions “how to speed up WordPress” that any infant could find using Google and suggestions that had no specific connection to their system. The second issue was they updated their plug and and introduced a restriction that prevents my clients from downloading any files. This restriction was not documented in the update and they withdrew all support for several days shortly after the update. I relied on the graces of some users to restore an earlier version and get my users working again. Finally, after many attempts to connect and work with the developer, I decided to stop my update and support subscription as it was not helpful. They do not have any simple, easy access to discontinue subscriptions online. I sent two emails requesting that they cancel my subscription and stop billing my credit card. Their response was to renew and bill me again. I responded with more emails and received no reply. I started several messages through their online support chat (seems it has now been discontinue) and there was no response after explaining that I wanted to cancel my subscription. In the end, I had to contact my credit card provider to file a formal stop to prevent them from changing me.

    Recommendation – Do NOT provide them with any billing information – period. Do not rely on them for support. Do not rely on this plug-in and support a a “mission critical” component.

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