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  • Hey all, just wondering if there was one complete plugin for better user control.

    Right now, Im allowing authors to publish their own posts and pages. I have 3 plugins going to make this happen, and its working…

    User Role Editor lets me to define the Author role… allowing them to publish pages as well as posts.

    Manage Your Own Posts isnt really a plugin, but one function that shows only the posts and pages the author published. I could throw this into my functions.php if I wanted to keep things organized… Very handy.

    Adminimize Allows me to hide things from the Author Dashboard, like access to comments, media, even the ContactForm7 admin which I couldnt hide with any other plugin.

    So these plugins seem to work together and hopefully its good reference for anyone else wanting to control what kind of access multiple authors can have. I was hoping that someone has, or wanted to throw them all into one. Would be mighty keen.


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