• We are a nonprofit and we have been using the Solid Security Basic for about a couple of years, and it’s the one of the most comprehensive and well put together plugin, for WordPress security. The plugin covers the entire gambit of security risks (vulnerable themes/plugins, local and remote account take over attacks, enforcing security best practices, adaptive web application firewall, user configured blocks, scheduled DB backups, etc). This type of functionality is an absolute must if you plan to put up a WordPress site on the internet in 2024. The plugin works with CDNs such as Fastly, or Cloudflare, with some additional configs.

    The product is paired with excellent support. The support representative was patient, methodical and committed to finding a resolution for our issues, even though we were on the free plan. (Thank you Brent!). I highly recommend this plugin if your wordpress is exposed to the internet.

    PS: What I would like to see them do better:

    1. There are edge cases when the site is setup with CDN for the first time, which might cause issues with configurations being saved correctly. Addressing those would be a nicer experience.
    2. I would like the plugin architecture to only rely on their central servers for Web Vuln Scanning and nothing else.
    3. I would like them to have a feature, which shares attack fingerprints from the instances to their servers, to develop a threat feed which is pushed back to the instances for proactive defense.
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