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    So I hope this isn’t a duplicate thread but I didn’t see one like it. when we (someone who knows more helped me with it) installed WordPress on my server we changed the root directory so that I do not have to redirect visitors to the /home directory. so my question is, when I extract the update for 2.8.5 will it have trouble installing or do I need to do anything special? I know my friend changed some stuff in my database settings so that the paths were correct (this may not be the right terminology)

    Also is it worth it? will I see enough difference between my version and the new one to justify the hassle of installing it?
    thanks for the help.

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  • If you extract your files to the same place they are right now you really shouldn’t have a problem. Back up everything first– files and the database. What version of WP are you using right now? If you are using a very old version you should probably upgrade incrementally rather than jump straight to 2.8.6.

    Yes. Its worth it for security considerations alone but I’d say that WP becomes a nicer system with every update.

    ok so it took some time to move the files back to the root directory because they extracted into the wordpress directory but I got it updated. I only updated it to the 2.8 version per your advice. Now I am wanting to go up to the 2.8.6 version. I figure I can do it the same way however the file that downloads won’t extract on my server. when I download it and try to extract it on my computer it says that it is either damaged or empty. any idea why this wouldn’t work?
    and thanks for the help thus far.


    Download the wordpress file to your computer, extract it, then upload via FTP. Follow these instructions.

    thanks for the help. It took a while but doing it via ftp did do the trick.

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