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  • Today I found the banner graphic!
    Now all I have to do is find the php script which includes the link to the other script which requires() the script that links to the page that includes the script that calls the function that builds the script that places the banner.jpg onto the pages!
    And then! > hey…I can change the damn jpg.

    Here’s a hot idea: a pdf with a picture of the index page on it. and arrows pointing to the page elements and on the other end of the arrow a name like “theNameOfTheDocumentThatContainsThisPageElement”
    Then users of the blogging system can edit their pages without the seek-and-destroy method of editing somebody else’s php work.

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  • By banner graphic, I assume you mean the header image that appears across the top of your blog? As long as you’re using a somewhat clean version of Kubrick, everything regarding images should be contained within the header.php located in the wp-content/themes/default folder of your WordPress installation. I believe that there are even instructions on how to go about changing the header image included as comments in the header.php file.

    Kubrick can be rather daunting to edit, but I think that it’s simple enough. The new themes system is designed so that everything about your blog’s presentation is contained within the folder for the theme that you are currently using. Search around the Codex if you have any further problems and you’re bound to find lots of useful help there.

    Moderator James Huff


    Yes, instructions on changing the header image are included as comments in the header.php file. Alternatively, you could edit the header image via the Photoshop template included with the Kubrick v1.2.6 distro:

    You could also use Kubrickr:

    I’m sorry for that outburst actually. (in a pretty big way).
    The more acquainted I’m becoming with your blogging system, and with using this new hosting server, And with seeing my blog filling up, the more it’s becoming lovable 🙂

    I’m going to search the boards for entries on a couple of things I’d like to do with my blog:
    they include:
    -putting flash into the header instead of a jpg.
    -and getting the RSS feed to work.

    more power to you!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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