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    Using the Complianz plugin, once the user selects “accept” on the cookie banner, the plugin does not display a cookie settings or manage cookie button on the website. Therefore, there is no way for user to ever revoke the consent. We have reviewed all settings and are unable to see how to resolve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Aert Hulsebos


    Hi @rsmithborn,

    If I’m correct, you’re using your own document with our cookies shortcode. In that case, the consent options are gone.

    Please use of these shortcodes in your custom document for this purpose;

    Under: Consent

    Hope this helps,

    regards Aert

    Thread Starter rsmithborn


    Hi Aert, Thanks for your prompt reply. The Complianz Settings has “Use document CSS” (which I switched off), and “Add custom document CSS” (which I switched on), that states the following:

    #cmplz-document h3 {} /* titles in complianz documents */
    #cmplz-document .subtitle {} /* subtitles */
    #cmplz-document h3.annex{} /* titles in annexes */
    #cmplz-document .subtitle.annex{} /* subtitles in annexes */
    #cmplz-document, #cmplz-document p, #cmplz-document span, #cmplz-document li {} /* text */
    #cmplz-document table {} /* table styles */
    #cmplz-document td {} /* row styles */
    #cmplz-document.impressum, #cmplz-document.cookie-statement, #cmplz-document.privacy-statement {} /* styles for impressum */

    Should I add the following as additions to the commands shown above?

    #cmplz-accept-link text=”You’ll need to accept our cookies.” */
    #cmplz-revoke-link text=”Revoke your settings!” */
    #cmplz-manage-consent */
    #cmplz-cookies */


    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    Hi @rsmithborn,

    You can use the codes on that page as shortcodes.

    By adding for example this to your post:

    [cmplz-revoke-link text=”Revoke your settings!”]

    Thanks that code worked for me. I had the same issue. Actually having quite a few issues with this plugin as there have been several recent plugin updates. Can you explain what happened to the revoke buttons? Why did they disappear?

    FYI, I was using your cookie policy not my own.

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    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    @clpearson The former revoke button in the cookie policy has been dropped in favour of the new manage_consent area, where users get an overview of current accepted categories, which can be disabled or enabled. The revoke button still exists as a shortcode, only is not used anymore in the auto generated cookie policy.

    What issues are you experiencing?

    My check boxes on #5 in the cookie policy disappeared. I was not aware they were purposely removed. Can you explain how users can revoke cookie consent with this manage consent area?

    Screenshot of my cookie policy.

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    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. These checkboxes were not removed, the revoke button was removed in favour of the checkboxes.

    The screenshot you show, where an empty consent management paragraph is shown, is not what is should look like.

    As you can see, on the checkboxes are shown in this paragraph:

    If you can share/mail your domain I can take a look. I am familiar with the check marks, but as you can see they are missing.

    Plugin Author Rogier Lankhorst


    I’m sorry, I didn’t notice these two threads were both from you 🙂

    This is also caused by the jquery error. The cookie blocker is blocking something, but this block results in a jquery error. That is why I think you will see disabling the cookie blocker will resolve the issue.

    If that is the case, we can try enabling the cookie blocker again, and disabling the integrations one by one until we know which integration is causing the issue.

    Then we can find a way to resolve that specific integration, or disable it altogether.

    Have to log off now, but I’ll check in later today.

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