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  • Hi,
    A client is looking to have the following slideshow. Wondering if you know of any plugins, code, theme or tool that could help me achieve this:

    Conveyor-belt rotating slideshow – moves to the left or right depending on mouse activity.

    – Are not the same size. She wants to have two or three different image sizes (depending on what she deems a better image).
    – She must be able to upload these images herself.
    – And ideally images can be clicked on for a bigger lightbox view.
    If we crop them to the exact thumbnail sizes to avoid the headache with sizes then we can’t have a bigger version of the image in lightbox.

    Loading: Ideally, all categories (she has 7 right now) could load in one page and we can avoid having a separate page for each. Of all requests, I think this one can give if necessary.

    I have no idea how I could achieve this. Anyone have some recommendations?


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  • I know the conveyer belt can be done in Flash, I’ve done it a few times. You could make the flash clickable and link it to a lightbox version of the image, or make the enlargment render via Flash as well(easier).

    You probably don’t have to make the slider custom, you can probably purchase one ready to go, xml, with enlargments built in. I think coffeecup software may be a good place to start, their slideshow has the mouse-over scroll option, a cool image categories pop up function, easy to use, very customizable.

    The multiple categories on a page can be done a few ways, multiple WP_Query, plugins like Content Boxes, or iframes. Although none of these requests are exactly “out of the box” it really depends on the specifics.

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