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  1. Hermelijn
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm building this site for a pension fund with three types of content:
    1. general content for non-logged in users
    2. restricted content for 3 user groups (current employees, ex-emplyees and pensionado's) and
    3. individual content (for every user his own private pension data).

    So what I want is for a user to be able to login to content for his group, and beyond that to be able to reach his own personal content.
    I a making sense?

    So I went and combined three plugins:
    - WP-members for general login
    - User Role Editor to create roles for "current", "ex" and "pensionado" and
    - User Specific Content to allow a user by user name to view specific page content.

    Took me a long time but it works. Downside is I have to be really careful with placing content, let alone have anyone else but me do that.

    I am sure there has to be a less complicated solution. Maybe with multisite? Is there a way to redirect a user to his personal site, and at the same time give him acces to general content?
    I have about 400 users.

    Advise is much appreciated, but bear in mind I have just passed 'newby-status' and I am unable to write my own php / javascript.
    Thank you!

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