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  • I have a website: through and using wordpress and phpbb3 for structure. The site is intended as an online roleplay group complete with a character sheet database, forum, digichat, and dice roller. I’m aware of multiple other sites that function in the way that I intend, but don’t know how to do it myself.

    What I need: A customized fillable form that when you click submit it saves it to an online database in which both the submitter and the site staff can view. Below I’ve some screenshots of how it should work based on a similar site concept. I’ve contacted the site owner regarding this however their technical guru has been MIA for a few months now so I need your help please. If you can tell me what plugins, script, etc or a how-to guide to do this I will be forever in your debt.

    Sample of Intent

    The website has 2 sub domains that are involved: and

    The links to which are in the upper left there.

    Clicking on Character creation you will see the following fillable form with a submit button at the base.

    Once you click submit, you should then be able to click on the Character Management link on the left which will reveal a table listing characters that YOU the submitter submitted, in other words your form link. See below:

    You can then either view or edit the submission via the links beside the name. In this case we’re going to click view which would reveal:

    If anyone knows what plugins were used for this or how to make this setup work please point me in the right direction. I’ll look at this post every day or two. Crosses fingers.

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