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    Using WP 2.2.1 as a CMS, with over 900 pages. Only 2 posts at this point, but should grow considerably. With under 500 pages it ran quickly, but added pages bogged the site down tremendously. Calling PHP for some database functions, but outside the loop those pages are zippy-quick. Its somehow the integration (ExecPHP Plugin perhaps) causing issues…? If there’s an alternate php plugin with a good widget I can’t find it…

    Plugins: Askimet, All in One SEO Pack, Breadcrumb Navigation, Democracy, ExecPHP, Google Sitemap Generator, Really Simple Sitemap, SEM Google Analytics, Subpage Listing, Search Everything.

    Searching the forum I found several possibilities: I’ve tried WP-cache and it didn’t help. I’ve tried disabling Askimet and it helped somewhat, but not enough. I’ve checked with my host and they say its WP (Of course) so I’ve tried 3 other hosts and have the same problem.

    I’ve reverted from permalinks to standard pages, cleaned tables, scrubbed the template files of every possible overhead hog I could think of, and I’m stuck. I even converted some of the pages to static pages, just calling the header, footer and sidebar without using the full theme, but its still SLOWER than slow and my client is ready to pull the plug on WP – I’m confident its the right solution, easy to teach them to use, and powerful, so I’m sure its something I’m missing.

    There are two sites: and

    Oh, wise and wonderful people, help a sister out?

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