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  • As is the case with most WordPress plugins there is no documentation and the product finds interesting ways to malfunction or betray its initial pitch on the download page. In this case the plugin simply doesn’t work. It says it is downloaded but there is nothing to click, open or fiddle with.

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    Did you read the documentation?

    Did you click the website link on the plugin page?

    This is a shortcode plugin. You have to insert shortcode into your post. This is covered in the documentation.

    I have even made a shortcode generating page on the website that lets you experiment with different options.

    Please read the documentation or contact the author before posting a scathing review.

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    I spend several hours trying to find a slide show utility that offered a masonry view. None of the plugins were suitable. This plugin wasn’t usable. Yes I did read the documentation, clicked the website link and found, in the forum, that another user had complained of exactly the same problem and his query wasn’t answered. I found another plug-in that works better. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out how a plug-in works when it should be self-explanatory and logical. Many of the free plug-ins in WordPress seem to be entry points for paid “pro” versions. The quality of plug-ins is deteriorating partly because of this. Even Woo Commerce has criticized the quality of WordPress plugins.

    As a web developer I’ve found WordPress inadequate for most jobs I do. When I do a site in WordPress I wind up fighting with the prebuilt scripts and themes all the way through, and putting up with WordPress’s extremely slow processing.

    Except for the ability to change the menu and make comments, WordPress doesn’t offer much that I can’t easily create in PHP. In fact I’ve built masonry-view galleries for other clients with my own content management web interface.

    Plugin Author


    Uh, it’s great you hate WordPress and all. Maybe you should use something else. That way, Mr. Developer, you won’t waste so much time writing angry rants at strangers.

    Also, if its easy – then stop complaining and do it yourself… there, easy.

    Secondly, the documentation is a newer addition that didn’t exist when the last comment was made – it did when your was made though.

    Additionally, you never asked for help – you just complained. How is that meant to do any good – that’s nothing but negative.

    Thirdly, there is a whole website dedicated to the plugin. Not, but the website I built for the plugin. If you actually read the documentation and/or were familiar with how WordPress works, you would have seen this.

    You cannot miss it. There are links to it everywhere.

    And finally, how do you know if the other masonry plugin is better or worse if you haven’t even tried mine.

    But, I guess my hard work cannot make everyone happy. Thanks for brightening my day once again.

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    Just went back to your website and saw a lot of documentation that wasn’t there last time. When I first tried your plugin, it simply didn’t work and there was no documentation at all. When I visited the forum, there were several questions unanswered including one very similar to mine. I didn’t see the point of reiterating the original question. I don’t think my comment was any more negative than your plugin.

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