• Paysera have lot’s of strange rules – if you don’t receive payments over their gateway for six months – they block it without notice. To review your renewal request Paysera wants you to keep the broken gateway on your website for more clients to experience some inconvenience. Sorry, but my clients prefer Stripe – that has COMPLETE integration into my website (doesn’t redirect to somewhere else), try beating that rather than creating bummers for your clients and wondering why no one uses your gateway. I’m out!

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    Dear Customer,

    we regret if you have experienced any inconvenience while using Paysera services.

    We would like to note that when no payments are received on the website within 6 months, we decide that online trading is not carried out, therefore the project is automatically stopped. The customer is informed about the changed status of the project by e-mail. If contributions are planned to be collected in the future – the project can quickly be resubmitted for review, it is activated within a day.

    In such cases, the project is not blocked, only suspended. Website blocking applies only in cases where it is planned to sell prohibited goods on the website. There is no possibility to resubmit a blocked project.

    We also note that when a project is suspended, integration does not stop, just while the project has not been submitted and re-approved, there is temporarily no possibility to make real payments.

    If you have any questions, we invite you to contact customer service: https://www.paysera.lt/v2/en-LT/contacts (for questions related to technical integration, please contact us by e-mail tech_support@paysera.com).

    Have a nice day!

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