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  • So i wrote the review below a few days ago, but before posting it here when i was extremely angry, i wanted to give you a chance to respond to the post i made on your fb page. Well big surprise, you did not respond at all and deleted my fb post, that says quite a lot about your company.

    And btw dont bother responding at this point, i dont care what you have to say, you had a chance to respond to me days ago and chose not to. Its too late to pretend like you care at this point.

    Im only posting this to warn others about what can happen if they use your garbage product.

    So here we go…

    What a complete piece of junk this plugin is! Its pretty difficult to restore a site when this plugin completely failed in the middle of the restore and destroyed both my site and the dashboard and made it impossible to use either one. Im now waiting for my web host to do a complete cpanel restore to fix the damage this plugin has caused because i have no other options at this point. Good thing i had that cpanel backup or else id be completely screwed. And you have the balls to charge for this garbage? I feel bad for anyone who paid you for this and i see recent posts on your fb page of people wanting their money back and having issues like this as well and it looks like you dont bother responding to them either, so clearly im not the only one who has problems with your products.

    So if you want to have your site and dashboard ruined and have hours/days/weeks of work thrown away then this is the plug in for you! Its great at making a bunch of worthless backups that take up a bunch of space, but youd better hope and pray you never need to actually use those backups…

    That was my big mistake – using the plugin and expecting it to, ya know, actually work. Its my fault i guess…

    Id give this plugin 0 stars if possible.

    Ive used plenty of plugins that dont work very well but they were all easily removed and none has caused the damage this worthless piece of junk has caused.

    Makes me wonder how many people giving these positive reviews have actually restored their sites with this and how many just think they will be able to cause its creating the backup files. (Now i also wonder how many bad reviews you are removing like you did to my fb post) Id bet most of these positive reviews are from people who have never actually restored their sites yet, and if this is your only backup… well good luck, cause youre gonna need it…

    So thanks for ruining my day and my site. And no im not going to contact your support forum cause even if this did get fixed somehow i would never be able to trust this product or this company either way. (and you probably would have deleted my post anyways)

    (At this point, my webhost restored my cpanel and fixed almost everything this terrible plugin screwed up. And btw it doesnt make you look good when a company that had nothing to do with this problem responded and helped me faster than the company that caused the problem. In fact they responded and fixed the problem the day it happened meanwhile days later, you still havent even responded at all cause you simply deleted my fb post and dont care)

    (So just to be clear once again, im not writing this looking for a solution or a response, im writing this so others dont wind up in the same situation you put me in.)

    So yeah, you pissed me off quite a bit when your garbage plugin destroyed my site and you pissed me off even more when you deleted my fb post and ignored the huge problem you caused, so i hope you enjoy this review as much as i enjoyed using your “quality” product.

    Oh and its also nice that you pretend to be a free plugin but if someone wants to restore everything then you make them pay for some additional add-on. A clever way to screw people when they need your plugin the most. Its also very convenient that they dont mention that anywhere until you actually try to restore your site.

    So if your goal was to come across as shady and dishonest as possible all while pushing a product that doesnt work and will ruin people websites, well you hit all of those nails right on the head. Bravo!

    Garbage plugin from an awful company…

    I also see that youre acquiring other plugin companies, you should publish a list of all the plugins you guys own so i know which ones to avoid in the future…

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  • Plugin Author David Anderson



    Sorry to hear that! If you have a problem in future, please do post in our support channel; our paid staff visit it every working day:

    None of our support people have access to our Facebook page (and neither do I – I’m never had a Facebook login myself). Our marketing people are instructed to tell anyone who asks for support outside of our support channels to ask them to use a support channel. I will inquire with them about what happened in this case.

    Oh and its also nice that you pretend to be a free plugin but if someone wants to restore everything then you make them pay for some additional add-on.

    I’m not sure what this refers to, as we don’t even sell any add-ons related to just restoring.

    There is an add-on for cloning a site to a different website, as opposed to a restore, though. Were you trying that? The free plugin pops up a warning that what you’re trying won’t work, and advises against ignoring the warning unless you know what you’re doing.

    N.B. Since UD backups are standard zip + SQL files, if a restore from within the UD dashboard fails, then you can still restore manually by unzipping the zips and importing the SQL in cPanel:

    I note that you say that you don’t care about anything I have to say. But I thought that I would note this information for anyone else reading, so that they can see that we are indeed interested in taking care of our free and paid users. Again, I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience.

    Best wishes,



    Hi Shankworks,

    I run the UpdraftPlus Facebook channel and I can’t see any requests coming from you. What’s your name and date of post so I can check more thoroughly?

    As Facebook isn’t monitored by the developers, we’ve turned off the ability for anyone to post messages there. Anyone who tags us in anything to Facebook should get an automatic response directing them to the free support channel here on There’s also a note on the Facebook page.

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