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  • As no satisfactory updates have been done on the deep link juggernaut on the last period and the module keep linking the same page when it should not,

    provided that there are not API or an easy way to override the meta title and descr when needed I have to remove completely the plugin.

    The problem is the somewhere the deep link juggernaut links have been left behind as I keep seeing links auto generated when effectively they are not in the html.

    Can somebody explain how to remove that references?


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  • Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Let me see if I understand your quandary, but first, please note there have been updates to DeepLink Juggernaut in 7.6.1. via adding an autolink dampening feature .

    If the fields are still linking from so value in the database, you can completely remove them from:

    1. Going to Settings >>> SEO Ultimate >>> Export >>> Export Deeplink Juggernaut CSV File, then 2. Take out the links you do not want and then go to Settings >>> Import >>> and that should wipe all autolinks (if they are not being removed from deleting them in the main Deeplink Juggernaut Module.

    Also, you can silence or disable a feature / module if you do not want it (regarding overriding the meta title and description) or you can 3. go to Settings >>> Uninstall to completely remove (instead of just deleting plugin from Plugins area) and SEO Ultimate will delete your settings and the plugin’s files.

    Also, if you want to see which code is being added by the plugin, you can go to Settings >>>> Global Settings and tick the first checkbox [x] Identify the plugin’s HTML code insertions with HTML comment tags if you want to change the code or comment some feature out.

    You can also dampen the links (on a keyword by keyword basis) by setting link dampener at 100% (no linking) for the keyword in question.

    However, if you want to go extreme, either uninstalling the plugin via the Settings >>> Unistall should work or you can use the export / import method to wipe the deeplink juggernaut autolinks and keep your other settings.

    Please let me know if this works for you.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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