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  • Hello,

    I no longer need the redirection plugin on my site and would like to remove all instances of it from the database. However, there are so many entries I don’t want to just start randomly removing them. Setting the plugin to inactive and even deleting it from the plugins screen does not remove the database entries. Does anyone know a safe, effective and quick way to remove it? Thanks.

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  • Have you check the “remove Redirection” option at the bottom of the Options Page?

    It should remove everything concerning the plugin.

    Not until you told me it was there. I didn’t see that, thank you.

    you’re welcome!

    Wow! I didn’t know this. Shouldn’t plugin delete take care of deleting the entries from the DB too?? This “remove redirection” approach is easily prone to mistakes.



    Vijay, is quite common for complex plugin to have a “uninstall feature” in their options page. WP can’t be aware of all the db entries created and managed by the plugin so it can’t take a general approach to clean those entries. It only do what it’s ever safe: disable and delete plugin files.
    On contrary, a plugin developer knows exactly what to remove when you no longer need his plugins.

    Sorry, I meant disable. But yeah, I guess that’s not possible, since a plugin could be re-enabled after being disabled. Maybe the options could be copied to some config file in the plugin directory and deleted from the table, and restored from there if re-enabled. And the file could be deleted if the plugin was deleted.

    Hi Guys
    can you help me with this bug ?

    Many Thanks, Thierry

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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