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  • Hey guys… bit of a higher grade question here, I fear…

    In my WordPress posts I need to have a call to an iFrame that has URL parameters. Something like:

    <iframe src="">

    Now it pulls in the iFrame content just fine… The problem is that WordPress renders the & in the URL as & # 0 3 8 ; (without the spacing) and thus makes the URL parameters unusable.

    Is there anyway to COMPLETELY disable the text editing in WordPress. I’m not using the Rich Text Editor. I basically need the input area of wordpress to be a standard text box that doesn’t parse any of the information in it… just renders it ‘as is’…

    I’d appreciate any help in this regard.

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  • You mean that the ampersands are being escaped into their HTML entity. This is actually a good thing: you should always escape any ‘&’ characters in URLs when you’re writing HTML.

    Imagine you had a url that looked like:

    The browser doesn’t know whether you mean that there is a variable called ‘nbsp’ or whether you want a non-breaking space in the URL.


    Now there’s no confusion.

    Have you noticed that it’s not working?

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