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  • Word Press is the best hands down and I would like to ask one thing if it is even possible.

    Can there be a Donate button that when pressed it scans all the modules on the site. And dishes out the donation accordingly. I know as a site builder I would use it. Call me the lazy donator 🙂 just wondering if it is possible.

    I am blown away by Word Press and the community and how awesome you application is.

    As of yet I have not had to ask any questions and have deployed a Numerous websites in a very short time.

    I believe I finally found something worth building on. God Bless you all and Thank you all very much for your hard work.

    It will not go unnoticed!!!

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  • Can there be a Donate button that when pressed it scans all the modules on the site. And dishes out the donation accordingly. I know as a site builder I would use it. Call me the lazy donator 🙂 just wondering if it is possible.

    I’m a little unclear here, you mean like look through any plugins/themes on your site that have a donation button and donate to them all?

    That would be very cool, and generous!

    Either way, thanks for the compliments! I’m sure each and every person who works on WordPress is happy to read this!

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    Not all plugins accept donations (one of my favorite asks you donate to cancer research instead), and sadly some people would be dorks and abuse that :/

    However! If you really like a plugin, please do donate. Check the page on’s repo and many have donation links. Look on the side of the plugin page, below rating, where it says FYI:

    (using my own plugin as an example of one I know works, NOT trolling for donations!)

    I understand that not all have plugins. I will be buying some that I am using now for the full features and donating to others.

    All and all I am just getting started and already have put together a few sites in only a few weeks.

    I will donate to the peeps I use and but the products I find useful.

    Love how easy it is to update and use. Fantastic Job you have a new loyal fan Big Time!

    It’s quite awesome that you enjoy WordPress so much!

    As you grow more comfortable, and get this stuff really figured out, the best way to help out this community is to volunteer a little bit of your time.

    Right here on the forums is one way. There are always far more questions than answers! If you can answer just a few questions here and there, you’ll help out a bunch!

    And finally:
    Here’s a bunch of info about getting involved! Helping out with code, or testing, or patching, etc… it’s all awesome stuff to do!!

    Tell you what once I start my next project I will make Video’s on how I set up. Seeing is Believing I say and Believing is Seeing.

    That is the best way I could think of helping.

    Besides the fact of contributions in the near future will certainly be in order.

    I saw WordPress as of yet does not have a a market place for developers to sell in. I believe at some point in time it should be setup so that WordPress can get some sort of revenue stream besides just donation.

    You guys can certainly count on me if you need my help and I am comfortable giving the Answers people are asking by all means I will help without a doubt.

    Simply Loving WordPress Salvig 🙂

    Very cool I will put up a test site for doing that in my hosting account.

    WordPress definitely makes money!

    There are various facets to WordPress…. here is a non-profit
    Check that out for the not for profit biznizz

    However, the parent company is Automattic (Which runs wordpress.COM)
    That’s not a non-profit

    That is a super-over-simplification of course, but it’ll get you started toward the learnin’!

    Outside of that…. there are tonnes of marketplaces that devs sell in. Plugins places, theme shops, services, etc. I mean there are a lot of people out there making money using WordPress!

    OK I get so makes the money and provides the GNU platform and the ability for so many to build and develop upon the platform thus making more better more profitable. Very cool I see said the blind man as the perfectly lame man now walks 🙂 Thank you very much Vodoo. I am new to WordPress and pretty blown away on how functional all the apps are and how the program updates so easily. I wish I started using it in 2004 I would be so far ahead of the game by now. Maybe even doing web full time if I did. But no crying I am just happy to be here now. Sometimes you need to go through hell to get to heaven. I am happy I started to use WordPress. I feel like a real boy LOL

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