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Completed orders

  • Last night, we got a PayPal payment that we couldn’t figure it out where it came from. I never dreamed it was from Johnny-Sells, but there it was. We wrapped the package, prepared a PayPal packing slip and figured that was that. Then, this afternoon, we sold a shirt. Again, only a notice of payment from PayPal, this time I went into WooCommerce and saw the sale and also noticed that last night’s sale had a red x for cancelled. I saw a button marked “Complete” I clicked it and this sale had a blue check in front of it. Shortly thereafter, we got an email from Johnny-Sells marked “New Customer Order 906” I don’t know, if you don’t complete it, the order is cancelled after so many hours?

    Is there something in the settings I’m missing?



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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