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  1. lmwltd
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I haven't yet started developing my WP site just trying to work things out and creating content. So, I have a real rookie question. I already have a domain name and hosting so that's one step out of the way. However, what I'm confused about is the talk of ftp.
    If I create a WP site, do I then have to upload all of the WP files to the hosting service?
    And the same for all future updates?
    But I can just create and update everything via my WordPress account?
    Sorry if I'm slow with this, I've only ever used WYSIWYG type editors in the past so talk of installing and ftp is a little scary!
    Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. All help and advice is appreciated.

  2. greenpeamedia
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You will upload most of your files, plugins, updates, images etc via your WordPress admin panel. As an administrator, you will find the FTP access will come in handy for implementing security (chmod- changing file permissions on your website files), uploding edited files, editing php files, and other things. On PC try CuteFTP - I've been using it since the dark ages.

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