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  • Looks interesting, though the ‘long form’ looked a bit complex.

    Make sure you are in communication with Matt, as the User data is being overhauled for 1.6 specifically to make it easier to integrate with third party sources (well, at least that’s what I’ve heard!).


    The long articles is just an example of the principles. They’ve mentioned WordPress’ version number 15.1.2, so it currently works with it 🙂 Probably, when WordPress next will be out, they will change it… but there should be no big difference in principles, since for now miniBB already supports this integration.

    Yeah… I just read a little more detailed. I’ll try to feedback there, but for other users I’ll leave some notes here:

    – Generally, I wan’t my WP user table to be my posting/administrative users.
    – Thus, I’d actually want to use WP-login ONLY for WP administrative functions (and basically turn off WP user registration)
    – ‘Reader’ registrations at that point would go through whatever bb system is used.
    – ‘Reader’ logins to the ‘blog’ would actually be logging into the bb, and authenticate bb functions (i.e., commenting!).
    – An ‘admin’ who wants to write comments should have a separate bb account — it’s just easier for the moment.

    This is just my ‘schema’ for looking at things, how I see admins vs readers/commenters…


    Any updates to this for WP 2.0?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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